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500 Wheel

500 Wheel

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All Sales Final. 


One purchase = one spin on the wheel. 

Booster Pack opening is GUARANTEED per spin unless you get one of the top hits.

Every 10th Art Rare = 1 spin on the Prize Wheel

Every prize that is pulled, will be taken out of the wheel permanently. Thus giving better odds for the top prizes.

Prize Wheel is done on

Whatever pack is selected on the Prize Wheel, we will open and ship the hits. 

Common, Uncommon & Code cards for modern packs DO NOT ship. 

Uncommon, Common cards for Japanese Packs DO NOT ship.

If you want common cards to ship, please purchase THIS with your order and the correct quantities.

Free shipping on purchases over $50

By purchasing this, you are agreeing to our Breaks Policy.

Prize List:

Dream League Booster Box 

Pokemon 151 Booster Box

Cosmic Eclipse Booster Box

Eevee Heroes Booster Box

Evolving Skies Booster Box

Shining Legends Booster Box

& other Booster Boxes from Scarlet & Violet, Sword & Shield, etc. 

Packs part of the wheel:

New sets will be added as they are released!

Scarlet Ex
Violet Ex
Snow Hazard
Clay Burst
Triplet Beat
Raging Surf
Ruler of Black Flame
Pokemon 151 jp
Ancient Roar
Future Flash
Wild Force
Cyber Judge
Crimson Haze
Mask of Change
Obsidian Flames
Paldea Evolved
Scarlet Violet base
Pokemon 151 eng
Paradox Rift
Temporal Forces
Shiny Treasure
Crown Zenith
Eevee Heroes
Evolving Skies
Pokemon Go
Twilight Masquerade 
Fusion Arts
Lost Abyss
Paradigm Trigger
VSTAR Universe
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