About us

Welcome to the Denali Market!

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We, Alex + Wes, used to open packs when we very young and recently got back into the hobby in 2020. We decided to open a card shop when we found how inaccessible Pokémon and other card product became. 

Opening packs is a special and incredibly fun experience that we think everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy!

We set out on the journey on launching an online card store that specializes in some of the CHEAPEST breaks in the market. 

Our goal is get a distributor relationship so that we can provide modern card breaks at retail price. 

Denali Promise

Our breaks and seal product prices will ALWAYS be some of the cheapest in the market. We are always looking for the best deals on products so that we can provide those to our customers.

& once we get a distributor relationship, we will always charge MSRP. We know how to stop the bots. We can't always stop the resellers, but we will and already have some of the FAIREST release methods.