Breaks Policy

General rules

As is the nature with breaks, you only get the cards that are in the packs or the teams you were assigned to (sports cards). 

There is no guarantee that anything in particular will come out of the boxes, or that you will receive anything from the break. There is also no guarantee that the cards pulled will be in a certain condition. Any condition issues must be taken up with the manufacturer. Because of this, there are no refunds accepted. Before you buy in, please make sure you are comfortable with these conditions. By purchasing a break, you are acknowledging you have read these rules and accept them.

Recap photos

We like to take photos of hits and post them on our Instagram. Please note that we will take VERY good care of the card while taking these photos. We have not had a single issue in the past regarding this. We handle it the card with ultimate care while creating content. If there are any issues, feel free to reach out.

Where can I watch these breaks?

We will live stream breaks on our Twitch.

After the live stream, the video will be available on our Twitch Channel for viewing for 30 days.

When will breaks take place?

Dates and times are listing specifically on the product listing. 

There may be times when something unexpected occurs and the break has to be pushed back or delayed in some way. If that happens, the new time will be posted on the schedule as soon as we know it. We reserve the right to change the date and/or time of any break at any time.

What ships?

For Pokemon, you may purchase all cards to be shipped for an additional price OR all HITS will be shipped.

HITS are cards in the REVERSE RARE SLOT + RARE SLOT for modern TCG.

For Sports, unless noted otherwise, all cards ship.

Card protection

All Ultra Rare + Shiny Cards will be sleeved AND put in Card Saver 1s from our breaks. Holos, Uncommon, Common, Energy, Reverse Rares Cards are not sleeved nor put in Card Savers/ Toploaders. If there are high value cards, then they will be sleeved and toploaded. 

For Vintage Breaks, ALL cards are sleeved + RARES WILL BE SLEEVED AND TOPLOADED / placed in Card Saver 1s.

What if a box from the break is missing advertised content?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that all boxes will have all the advertised content. There will be cases where a box will be missing an autograph, mem card, parallel, etc. Because the manufacturers do not guarantee that boxes will contain all the advertised content, there is nothing we would be able to do in these situations.

What if an expired redemption is pulled from a box?

In these cases, there is nothing that can be done. In the past, expired redemptions were honored. Unfortunately, they are no longer accepted by the company that produces the products.

What if a card does not have a single designated NBA, NFL, or MLB team (college, Olympic, high school, etc)?

If the card is an active player, it goes to the team they are currently with. If the card is a retired player or a player who is not currently with a team (ex. free agent), it will go to the team the player played with the longest. If the player didn't play for any one team for a longer period of time, the card will be randomed off to one of the teams the player played with the longest (rounding up to the closest whole number of seasons). If a card has no team/player, it will be randomed off to one of the break participants. In unique situations, a fair method or logical assignment of my choosing will be used. This will supersede the rules listed here if I deem it to be a more a fair/logical way to address the situation.

What if there are multiple players or teams on a card?

In this case, the card will be randomed off to one of the players/teams on the card. Every entity on the card will get one entry in the randomization process. or dice will be used to perform the randomization. With, the player/team on top at the end gets the card.

What if a Panini points card (or something similar) is pulled?

When these are pulled, it will be randomed off among all the break participants (usually but could be any method of our choosing).

Shipping policy

In most cases, packages will be shipped via USPS First Class. Packages will be shipped to the address entered at checkout. Other shipping options are available at varying rates. These include expedited rates and international shipping. If no shipping is required for an order where an expedited/international shipping option was selected and paid for, email us to get a refund of the shipping charges paid (minus the fees the provider keeps). Please allow 1-3 business days for cards to be shipped out. If a customer has multiple orders, the items from those orders may be shipped together in one package with one tracking number. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged mail. Please contact the shipping carrier in these situations for the best answers and results.

If you want shipping insurance, there will be an additional cost. Email us at with the request as soon as you can. If the package has already been shipped, there is nothing we will be able to do.

If there is an issue with your address, you want to make a change to your shipping preferences, or anything of that nature, please email us at as soon as possible. Additionally, if you are an international customer, and want to make requests or changes to your shipping preferences/information, contact us before the package is shipped. The declared value will be set to a rough estimate of the value of the cards being sent. Any customs fees will be paid by the customer. It is up to the buyer to select a shipping option that works best for them, or request a different option that they desire. If this is a concern, contacts us with any requests prior to the package being shipped. If you do not get in contact with us in time (as determined by us), there is nothing we will be able to do regarding changes/edits to your order.

Any packages that are returned to sender must be claimed within 90 days of the items being returned to us. The buyer must contact us via email, choose a shipping option (and fix any issues that caused it to be returned the first time), and pay for that option before it is sent back out. Items that go unclaimed after 90 days will belong to us.

Please note:

  • Once USPS accepts a package from us, we can not control the speed of delivery.
  • Once you receive your tracking number, if you have any questions regarding the status/movement/tracking of your package, please call USPS at 1 (800) 275-8777.
  • We are not responsible for packages that become lost while in the possession of the USPS.

What if there is an issue with shipping and I haven't received my cards?

In these situations, we will try our best to work with you and hopefully get your cards to you safe and sound. However, we are not responsible for any lost or damaged mail resulting from a shipping error by the carrier. If you encounter a situation like this, it would be best to contact the shipping carrier. We can try to help, but there is not much we can do once the items are out of our hands.

Refund policy

Due to the nature of these breaks, there are no refunds accepted 24 hours prior to the break starting/scheduled break time. By buying into a break, you acknowledge you have read the break rules and accept them. In the rare case where an item has been damaged on our end, or there is an issue where we are directly at fault, send an email to, so we can try to work it out. The value of any reimbursements will be determined by us based on the value of the cards or spot purchased. The reimbursement will be through a method of our choosing. These decisions are up to us based on each individual situation. The customer must first return all the items, in the same condition as they received it, before a refund is sent. The buyer is responsible for paying return shipping in these cases. Items damaged via shipping, or lost mail, do not fall under our responsibility. We will work with you to try to resolve these issues, but it will be best to contact the shipping carrier, who would be responsible.

If you request a refund 24 hours prior to the break taking place, you must email me at with your name, order number, and the break you would like the refund for. The payment providers take a fee from every payment. This is not refunded by them when a refund is sent. Because of this, the refund won't be the full amount that was paid. That fee will be part of a 5% restocking fee deducted from all refunds.

Discount codes:

Sometimes I will give out codes for various discounts. I reserve the right to reject/decline any discount codes at any time. If a code is used in a way that is not allowed/intended, it will be rejected/declined. In these cases, the discount and corresponding order settings will not be honored or observed. The buyer will have to pay for the remainder of the total if the order is not cancelled already.

What if I buy into a break and it doesn't fill?

For Box Breaks (Sports + Pokemon), we will likely still run the break and purchase the packs for ourselves.


Most of the necessary info for merchandise is posted on the product page. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us with them prior to placing an order. The buyer must pay for return shipping/costs for any refunds. The refund will be minus a 5% restocking fee. The product must be in the original condition that we sent it in. We are not responsible for any damage/issues caused by the shipping carrier.