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Booster Box Wheel

Booster Box Wheel

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All Sales Final. 


One purchase = one spin on the wheel. 

Prize Wheel is done on

Whatever pack is selected on the Prize Wheel, we will open and ship the hits. 

Common, Uncommon & Code cards for modern packs DO NOT ship. 

Uncommon, Common cards for Japanese Packs DO NOT ship.

If you want common cards to ship, please purchase THIS with your order and the correct quantities.

Free shipping 

By purchasing this, you are agreeing to our Breaks Policy.


Equal Chance of getting each below!

Violet Ex

Scarlet Ex 

Paradigm Trigger 

Scarlet & Violet Base 

VSTAR Universe 

Triplet Beat

Snow Hazard 

Clay Burst 

Star Birth

Space Juggler

Dark Phantasma

Silver Lance

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