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Wheel of Jingle & Joy

Wheel of Jingle & Joy

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All Sales Final. 


One purchase = one spin on the wheel. 

Prize Wheel is done on and

Whatever pack is selected on the Prize Wheel, we will open and ship the hits. 

Common, Uncommon & Code cards for modern packs DO NOT ship. 

Uncommon, Common cards for Japanese Packs DO NOT ship.

If you want common cards to ship, please purchase THIS with your order and the correct quantities.

All Cards from vintage packs will SHIP


If we do not pull a vintage pack every 100 pulls, we will add more to increase the probability of drawing them

Free shipping on purchases over $50

By purchasing this, you are agreeing to our Breaks Policy.

What is part of the wheel:


Precious Collector Pikachu

HEAVY Expedition Japanese Pack

Denali Slab Mystery

Vintage Gym 1 Pack
Vintage Jungle Pack
Tag Team All Star GX
Shiny Star V
VSTAR Universe




Astral Radiance
Battle Region
Brilliant Stars
Dark Phantasma
Evolving Skies
Explosive Impact
Fusion Strike
Fusion Arts
Jett Black
Lost Origins
Miracle Twins
One Piece OP-01
One Piece OP-02
Paradigm Trigger
Pokemon Go eng
Shining Fates
Silver Lance
Space Juggler
Time Gazer
Vivid Voltage
Volt Tackle
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